Tec-Hro "Starik carbon-tube short" is a new barrel-tube for sporting rifles, developed from many years, int. successful Olympians, European Champion and multiple World Cup winner from Israel, Guy Starik! More >>
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The new carbon tube have some innovative features:

1.The tube including the tuner weights about 220gr. So 3p shooters have no problem dealing with the weight in front of the muzzle.
2.The tube has a tuner in order to tune the rifle for "positive compensation" in order to avoid vertical groups.
3.The clamp on the barrel is very short(25mm),in order to have the chock the tube has on the barrel,right at the muzzle. It improves accuracy.
4.The tube length is calculated by the barrel length using odd harmonies. There are 2 length of tubes: about 19cm,and about 32cm,depending on the barrel length. The exact length is calculated individually for each barrel !! Therefore, the barrel length, please (scroll down !!) specify in mm !!!

The barrel length you determine it by a cleaning rod from the front of the barrel and slide till to the stop (closed chamber without cartridge of course!). Then mark the cleaning-rod flush with the muzzle and measure.


For cleaning, we recommend all 500 - 1000 shot with a plastic brush to brush out. The easiest way is when the powder is dried (not directly after shooting - better before shooting !!)


Original comment of Guy Starik 15.08.2014:

I'm honored to see my tube on your website. I put a lot of thought,experience, and actual testing in it. Some of the best shooters in the world are already using the carbon tube,and I'm sure many more will benefit the qualities of it. The tube will improve the groups of any rifle on the market,add length for better sight picture,and weights only 170gr, making it easy to handle,specially on the standing position. If anyone have any questions regarding the carbon tube,I will be glad to answer.

Here is my tuning method:
In order to tune for "positive compensation" which means that slow bullet and fast bullet will hit the target on the same vertical point of impact,the shooter should tune his rifle in that order:
Take 2 lots of ammo of the same year but with speed difference of 30-40fps.(1040fps and 1080fps).
Shoot from a solid rest,which the rifle can recoil back,or from position,if you are high level shooter.
Normally, the faster lot will hit target about 6-8mm higher than the slower lot. You will need someone to help you turning the tuner while you are in shooting position.
Start with the tuner all the way back(closer to the muzzle),and shoot 3 shots from the slower lot.now change to the faster lot and shoot 3 shots. If both lots hit the target in the same vertical line,the rifle is tuned. If not,turn the tuner one full revolution (360 degrees),and repeat the 3 shots from each lot.
When you are close to get the rifle tuned,use smaller turns of the tuner. The rifle is tuned,when you can switch between the lots without any vertical difference of poi on the target.
You can't get positive compensation from a fixed test bench which doesn't recoil!
There is a good chance your rifle will be tuned from the beginning because of the pre tuning I do by calculating the tube length to your rifle barrel length.
Have fun!

By order notes Please specify barrel length in mm.

Diameter mainly for diffuser
26 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm, 25,8 mm
The brand rifles
Anschütz, Feinwerkbau, Walther, Bleiker
5,6 mm
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